The information below includes the TIA general guidelines and and membership details.  For a complete 2017 TIA Rulebook, click the link to the PDF above and download/print for your viewing.


All indoor activities are sanctioned by the Tournament of Bands Rules Congress, which is held biennially.  The indoor guidelines are refined each year at a separate conference that addresses only indoor activities.  Tournament Indoor Association is guided by the Tournament of Bands Bylaws.  Tournament Indoor Association (TIA) utilizes an adaptation of the Winter Guard International (WGI) scoring system and contest rules, however, when any contradictions occur between a Tournament Indoor Association rule and WGI, the TIA rule will take precedence.  Recommendations for the TIA Rules Congress must be submitted to the Region Indoor Coordinator and the Indoor Director not later than June 30th each year.  Proposals for new rules/bylaws or rule/bylaw changes will not be presented at the Indoor Congress unless a representative of the Region submitting the proposal is present. 

When a discrepancy between WGI and TIA rules exists, the following method shall be used to determine if a TIA rule change should take place:  Any unit which finds such a rule, after Rules Congress has ended for that season, shall submit to the TIA Director in writing, a rationale for the adaptation of this rule.  This rationale should include the potential penalty or negative impact on the unit, and a reasonable solution which parallels the national circuit.  It should also include supporting arguments on the positive impact on TIA units should the change be approved.  Once received by the TIA Director, the following administrators shall offer a written opinion on the proposed change: TIA Director, Education Director, and Caption Chair.  The recommendations of these administrators shall then be forwarded to the Region Coordinators and an online vote shall be then forwarded to the TIA Director within 48 hours.  Any Region that does not vote within the 48 hours will be counted as an “abstain” vote.  Majority will rule.  The results of voting shall then be announced by the TIA Director.  This procedure must occur prior to end of the reclassification period.  Any potential rule changes after the reclassification period has ended will be held for the Rules Congress. 

Aside from the specific rule difference that may apply to each activity, several general principles continue in force. 


Membership in Tournament Indoor Association includes a Scholastic and an Independent division.  Scholastic division units are defined as a school unit (elementary, middle/junior high, senior high school, or college/university comprised of currently enrolled students of the schools in legally accredited school districts).  Scholastic membership in TOB/TIA is available to any junior/middle or high school unit as determined by the school district.  Scholastic units that are formed from different school districts, as deemed necessary by those school districts, will only be allowed to participate in the Scholastic division after the TIA Director receives verification from administrators from both school districts.  

Independent units are defined as performers competing as a unit and units developed from various geographic areas who do not necessarily attend a single school or district (i.e. – performers from multiple schools or multiple districts).  These units are typically sponsored by booster organizations, fraternal organizations, recreation bureaus, etc. 

Tournament Indoor discourages Independent units from utilizing membership composed of any Scholastic students who are enrolled in a school with an active Scholastic program.  Independent units are encouraged to secure a release from the Scholastic unit director before accepting a student from a school with an active Scholastic program. 

Dues and bonds submitted by Scholastic members to the home TOB/TIA Region are transferable for the indoor activity.  Dues and bonds for Independent units should be submitted to the Indoor Region Coordinator.  Region assignment is based on the Region boundaries outlined in the Tournament ByLaws.  Region Boundaries are governed by the TIA/TOB Rules Congress. 

One $100.00 dues per school/organization per year is to be paid.  One $50.00 performance bond per unit is to be held by the Chapter/Region.  Performance bonds are paid once and held over from year to year as long as the unit remains active.  When a unit becomes inactive, they may request the return of their performance bond or donate it to the Region.  All dues and bonds, plus any assessments as necessary and determined by the individual Region, must be paid by January 15th.  Units not current with dues and/or bond payments are non-members and do not receive credit for contests attended. 

Members are required to supply the name(s) and contact information of people responsible for the indoor unit(s) for the purpose of directing communications to the proper person.  

(This is only the introductory segment of the 2017 TIA Rulebook.  For a complete rulebook, click the PDF link above.)