The nine-state Tournament territory is divided into 13 regions.  Each region provides an opportunity for competitive bands and performance ensembles to perform with others in their location during marching band and indoor seasons.  While participants are free to compete throughout Tournament during the regular season, a regional championship is held as a culminating regional event.  Units who meet the requirements are eligible to attend and compete at the championship.  Competing bands and indoor units may choose to move on to the Atlantic Coast Championships following the regional championships. 

Regional coordinators are assigned to organize and operate the local contests and members are required to abide by the Tournament regulations and by-laws.  The TOB coordinator is responsible for all marching band details while the TIA coordinator is the official for the indoor programs.

Visit your region's website and make contact with the coordinator for more information.

South Jersey 

Mike Heaton
 TOB-TIA 1  
Northeastern Pennsylvania Rob Tocci
Southeastern Pennsylvania 

Timothy Bean 
Susquehanna Valley 

Ted DiCola 
Bill Bernhard

 TOB-TIA 4  
MD/VA/WV Piedmont D Randy Long
Harrisburg Capital  

Christine Ream
Jeff Ream 
Central Jersey  Doug Ferraro

 TOB-TIA 7  
Western Expansion   Marty Altman
 TOB-TIA 8  
Delaware/Eastern Maryland  Brian Cass 
10  North Jersey/Metro NYC Ray Troxell 
Clif Fitzgerald 
 TOB-TIA 10  
11  Allegheny Mountain Doug Williams 
TOB-TIA 11  
13  Mountain State  Andrew Harper