Tournament of Bands

TOB Atlantic Coast Championships - A and Open Class

Registration will open in August for the 2018 TOB Atlantic Coast Championships--A Class and Open Class Championships. 
October 27 - 2A & 4A          October 28 - 2O & 4O
November 3 - 1A & 3A        November 4 - 1O & 3O

 2019 Events 

Eighty contests are scheduled for the upcoming TOB 2019 season.  Contest schedules, information, directions, and scores can be found here.

2019 TOB Rulebook

The 2019 TOB Rulebook can be viewed here or downloaded as a PDF file.  For rule interpretations or additional information, contact your region coordinator. 

TOB Forms

A variety of forms and informative communications are available here.

TOB Administration

See a list of our TOB Administration, including caption heads and region coordinators.