March 13, 2020

After unit director responses, heartfelt consideration and daily serious conversations with our board of directors and the Wildwood Convention Center we have made the decision to cancel the forty eighth Tournament Indoor Association Atlantic Coast Championship. In addition, all TIA events for the rest of the 2020 TIA season are canceled. 

The growing concern over the COVID-19 virus and the effects of those who trust us made this decision a very difficult but a necessary one for the health and safety of our students, staff, families and fans. We know there will be disappointment, but our major concern is for the well-being of our Tournament members and our own NJA members.

In forty-eight years, this is the first ever TIA Championship event to be canceled. 

Thank you to all our members for your loyal support this year, and through many years, of our Tournament events. We look forward to your TOB performances this fall and your TIA performances in 2021!

Timothy Kondziela, NJA Director
Jeffrey Dent     Jeannie Rothsching     Pierce Sanute    
Justin Smith, TIA Director